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Shape the success of your projects according to your imagination.

Organisation and processes

Analysis and improvement of the structures, processes and interfaces in the company and project

  • Creation of an organisation which optimally supports the project landscape
  • Definition of roles, interfaces and responsibilities
  • Training for role understanding and fostering belief
  • Finding a common goal orientation for the line and project
  • Identification of conflicts in interest and perception
  • Adaptation or relaunch of corporate and project processes
  • Identification of synergies, project bundling through portfolio management
  • Establishment of a Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Supporting strategic planning and realignment processes

Communication and customer management

Create transparency, prevent misunderstandings, understand and take into account expectations. Distribute and manage information with the project objective(s) in mind

  • Purposeful, clear and reliable customer communication
  • Forward-looking customer management
  • Effective stakeholder management in the entire project environment
  • Setting up streamlined and transparent communication structures
  • Risk management along the entire value creation chain
  • Resolving and reducing conflicts and escalations
  • Substantial and intelligible status reports—comprehensive, up-to-date and efficient

Project management

Lay the foundation for a successful project. Skilled, forward-thinking project implementation and management. Minimisation of the risks and achievement of the project objectives according to schedule.

  • Careful set-up of new projects, smooth handover to the project team
  • Clear, streamlined requirements management
  • Unambiguous and traceable change management
  • Clear scheduling along the entire project supply chain, free of any wishful thinking
  • Realistic and reliable resource planning and monitoring
  • Detection of the risks in cost calculation, preventive alternative planning
  • Internal and external management of the critical communication processes
  • Formation of successful teams
  • Forward-looking risk management
  • Inspection and ongoing adaptation of the process and tool landscape

Recruiting Support

Make the right choices for your key positions in project management

  • Support in selecting suitable project managers and sub-project managers as well as central roles in the project
  • Individual assessments with a potential statement
  • If necessary, taking over the entire HR recruitment process

Training and mentoring

Develop your team, expand your skills, prepare yourself for daily work tasks. We provide both individual training and group training sessions.

  • On-the-job training, mentoring
  • Project management—processes, methods and tools
  • "Soft skills" key factor
  • Specific training for specific topics in project management
  • Technical lectures on project management

Preparation for PMP certification

Standardise your knowledge, create standards for yourself and your employees through documented, certified skills in project management.

  • Preparation for PMP (Project Management Professional) certification by the PMI (Project Management Institute)


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