Shaping Project Success

Shape the success of your projects according to your imagination.

Teichmann 361° Solutions - Shaping Project Success

Shape the success of your projects according to your imagination. This requires:

Keeping your customers satisfied over the long term
Being faster than your competitors
Reliably adhering to deadlines and budgets
Wasting less time and reducing frustration

We are fully committed to this principle, and we take action on site. We are not satisfied with consulting alone.

Our Mission: Shaping Project Success


Success does not begin within the project itself—with just the people, structures and tools involved. After all, the most important decisions are not made in the project; they are the result of situations in pursuit of more than just the goals of an individual project.

That is why successful project management starts with shaping the entire organisation- composed of a wide variety of individuals outside the actual project—towards a team striving to support and achieve the project objectives. This is anything but trivial. In the eyes of many, projects are always more of a necessary evil than an effective tool.

Consequently, shaping requires:

  • Thorough analysis of and identification with the objectives of the projects
  • Expert resolution of the daily conflicts between participants
  • A culture of open discussion including the willingness to face uncomfortable truths
  • Internalization of a corporate culture that supports projects and of a strong desire for continuous improvement

This is precisely where to begin. This is the real challenge. In comparison, skillful project management is more like a basic task but is nevertheless a necessary requirement.


Projects are an indispensable part of corporate activities today. Hardly anything functions without them, and yet they are almost never accounted for in the organisation.

Projects ought to provide the very thing that is always lacking in the traditional corporate structure: effective collaboration across all departments.

It is easy to forget that individual departments in a company pursue (usually with good reason) very different goals, which frequently stand in the way of smooth project management.


Companies have been anchoring project structures in their organisations for decades. Nevertheless, projects that meet their time, cost and performance specifications to some degree are the rare exceptions, not to mention the toll this takes on nerves, service providers and strained customer relationships.

Today, virtually everyone knows how to set up, implement and manage projects. There is also no shortage of corresponding process models. But even the best project management will fail if the organisation does not truly understand, internalise, and consistently implement and foster the essence of the project work in day-to-day business.

Success can be achieved. Of course, doing so requires having the right people in the project. But, even more, it requires line, staff and matrix functions and processes, which are able to harmonise in the project like instruments in an orchestra.

361° Solutions

As 361° Solutions makes clear: We create solutions which start at the root and remedy the actual problem, instead of finding the best possible way to conceal a weakness, although that may also be required now and then.

Accurately stating the actual causes of problems in ongoing projects is not possible until they have been examined from every angle. 361° embodies this comprehensive approach and more:

Knowing why the best theory often does not work in practice Why again and again—despite the exemplary dedication of project teams—goals are not achieved and so much energy, motivation and goodwill falls by the wayside.

Our experience from everyday life that it does not all have to stay this way.

Your questions, our topics

Are you seeing goals and budgets starting to get out of control? And do you get the sense that tension, time pressure, poor split-second decisions and questionable compromises are rampant?

We quickly identify the true critical points and make sure they come out to the open, also initially behind closed doors if need be.

We help you make the right decisions, which are about more than just resources. Progress often depends on pending or unclear substantive decisions.

First, we clear away the biggest stumbling blocks and incorporate some prudence into the project, which is the necessary foundation for gradually improving structures and processes, conflict resolution and communication.

There will always be pressure. But pressure should never be allowed to reach a point where idealised images take the place of facts and certainties.

Do you want to set the course for tomorrow today in order to achieve success with your projects under ever more demanding conditions?

We will help you to anchor skilled project management in the entire organisation and not just in the project team. Even highly skilled project managers often fail in areas that are not in their responsibility.

"Anchoring" primarily means creating binding rules and providing training for the co-ordination and management of indispensable conflict resolution.

An effective project organisation requires far more than creating just another organisational chart and project-oriented adaptation of department objectives.

Do you want to expand the project expertise of your employees and offer assistance along the way?

We train your employees based on individual need—ideally on the job in an ongoing project. Nothing beats personal experience through learning by doing.

We will gladly take on the role of a mentor for individual employees to support you and your employees in staff development.

If you want to bring the project management knowledge in your company up to the same level and offer your employees an opportunity for professional development, we will prepare your employees for PMP certification by the Project Management Institute.

Are you unsure of which employees or candidates should assume critical roles in projects?

Include us in your staff recruitment process: We offer extensive vetting of prospective candidates so you can avoid hiring the wrong people. Key functions can become enormously expensive when they are not carried out by suitable employees.

How we work

 Working through collaboration instead of with divided responsibility

No one knows your business like you do. We incorporate experience from similar jobs. Added value and the power for change are not created until two worlds of experience are combined.

Therefore we approach the task together, with you and your management team.

 Analytical instead of rash

We do not barge in with clever sayings and sage advice. We also don't have a master plan.

The first step is always analysis. Some factors can be identified immediately, but more frequently the starting points lie beneath the surface.

 Pragmatic instead of complicated

We focus on the essentials and approach issues with common sense. Step by step. Always with an eye on the objective.

 Forthright instead of vague

We think clear and open communication is absolutely critical. Whitewashing and denying the existence of problems and conflicts are the worst cost drivers in projects.

Conflicts are bound to arise in all areas. Those able to achieve a constructive resolution to these conflicts—especially in relation to the customer—eliminate a large number of the project risks.

 Approachable instead of elitist

We see ourselves as part of the team and speak the language of the employees on site. In doing so, we follow an agenda that is clear and transparent to all and based on personal experience. There is no room here for textbook wisdom.

 Highly flexible instead of bound by habit

Each task, each project is different. Stock blueprints almost never apply to the specific case at hand. We arrive at the correct solution for your individual case by listening and jointly evaluating your situation and making recommendations and decisions based on this process.

 Unconditional dedication instead of seeking instant gratification

"Better" is not enough for us. We focus on actions and changes which provide long-term success, even if this requires that we go down an uncomfortable path.

Shaping is the motto. Consulting alone is not enough for us.

Our approach, your added value

We are guided by four traditional steps:

  • Analysis of objectives and weak points to determine any need for action
  • Developing a package of measures along with a launch schedule
  • Kick-off and implementation
  • Completion and transfer

But 361° means much more:

Circle Green

 After only a few days, the fundamental causes behind interpersonal conflict, delays and running over budget will become visible.

Even if the taking of inventory has not been completed, we take very early action with initial and effective immediate measures to get a handle on the worst undesirable developments.

This saves time and money. Fast initial successes help increase motivation, and are just as important.


 In the majority of cases, the project team is in no way responsible for the perceived project problems.

As a result, we very quickly get a picture of the decision-making processes outside of the actual project. We discuss the problems that we find with the people involved, even at the upper levels if necessary.

Factors with insufficient or delayed integration into the project can be rectified only with a disproportionate amount of effort.


 There is a tendency everywhere to sugar-coat realities—frequently even out of pre-emptive obedience. If this becomes rampant, a project can quickly get out of control.

With our experience, we swiftly track down such tendencies and mechanisms and introduce measures to prevent these situations. Of course, for this to work, we depend on constructive and self-critical co-operation from those at the very top.


 Behind each project stands a customer, sometimes an internal one.

The customer's perspective (which includes more than just the formal task) is rarely made known in the organisation outside of the project. Knowing how the customer ticks is absolutely essential.

We convey this perspective from the outset. This helps prevent project detours and dead ends.


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